Sunday, 20 November 2011

Manchester Trafford Menswear Launch

On Thursday 17th November 2011 I was lucky enough to get given a couple of VIP tickets to join in on the fun of Selfidges, Manchester Trafford for the launch of their new menswear department. Whilst in the store i noticed there was a new Primark range taking prime position by the entrance. I feel this is a bold move by Selfridges by trying to introduce Primark as a legitimate brand in the fashion industry and trying to remove any prejudice and stereotyping the brand will have previously received by Selfridges upper-class rich customer by merging their designs amongst such well-known names like Barbour, Fred Perry, Lyle and Scott, JC Rags, True Religion and many more and showing the only noticeable difference isn’t the quality or originality of the designs, but the price. I think this will also introduce a whole new class of customer to Selfridges who may have previously felt out of place and intimidated either by the prices, their background or the reputation and stereotyped customer of the department store. Selfridges always represented a thing of exclusivity, it isn't just a department store. But it represented something more. Like a window into the high life which one couldn’t necessarily afford. But now you can pop in, spent as little as £8 on a shirt and hop around town with that all exclusive Selfridges yellow bag. The whole atmosphere of the store was transformed thanks to complimentary cocktails and champagne, Fred Perry’s table tennis and various other games. Celebrity names including Henry Holland and TOWIE Lauren Pope brought some glamour to the event whilst taking turns as DJ and most noticeably being the main attraction to the event with their ever growing relevance. Lauren Pope, who was at the Twilight premiere the night before caused a controversy as her dress was a "main talking point" but it made all the papers love the TOWIE star that bit more. As a whole the night was amazing and I am very grateful to have got the opportunity to of been giving these tickets. I had endless fun and what a great chance to go to visit my favourite city Manchester again. I really do believe the Trafford Centre is a leading fashion retailer. I was lucky enough to get these photographs, hope you enjoy :)

Lauren Pope.

Henry Holland DJing.

Q&A session.

Free cocktails & champagne.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Versace For H&M

Photograph by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Versace for H&M.
I'm really excited for Donatella Versace's new collaboration with H&M " Versace For H&M ". The collection includes ladies wear, ladies accessories and men's wear and is due to hit the stores 17th November 2011. Donatella's beautiful collection went on the runway this week, 8th November in New York City. Here is a photograph of the stunning Emma Roberts who arrived wearing a piece from the collection. Since when does Donatella ever do anything small?! her runway show ended with a performance from Nicki Minaj and Prince. I think this collection is vibrant and looks fun, I will definitely be purchasing a garment when the collection hits the shops. Amazing designer value for high street prices. My personal favourite is from the ladies accessories, the soft leather yellow handbag.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hello :)

Hello everyone, my names Steffi, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Liverpool. I'm currently studying my final year of my BTEC National Diploma in Fashion and Clothing at Liverpool Community College and I absolutely love it. My reason for blogging is to share my interest in Fashion, Clothes and College. I will be blogging about upcoming trends, my personal clothes and my college collections. I would love to hear your opinions so feel welcome to leave a comment :)